Why You Need a Pool Alarm

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Why You Need a Pool Alarm

Why You Need a Pool Alarm

Having a pool is definitely a luxury that everyone dreams of having. Pools are a great source of relaxation and a great way to exercise. Where pools offer a lot of great benefits, they also offer a lot of dangers. Pool alarms have been created to help deter some of these dangers. Many people may think they don’t need a pool alarm, but everyone can benefit from owning one. We have helped highlight some of the reasons that you may need to invest in a pool alarm of your own, so you can fully enjoy all the benefits of owning a pool.

why you need a pool alarm

Small Children

If you have a house with small children, you may be interested in knowing that you could benefit greatly from a pool alarm. Pool accidents are one of the top causes of death for young children and they often don’t survive because too much time goes by before someone notices they have fallen into the pool. Owning a pool alarm will alert you if one of your children has fallen into the pool so you can react quickly. Even if you live in a neighborhood with small children, there is a possibility one may end up in your pool.


Most of us love our pets as if they were our own children. Just like children, pets can sometimes find themselves getting into trouble. Some pets have a natural love for water and when they see the opportunity to swim, they may just take it. For some people this isn’t a problem, but for some this could be damaging to their pets. It is possible for a pet to end up in the pool that can’t swim. Regardless of your pets swimming preferences having a pool alarm is the best way to know if your furry friend ends up in the pool.


We buy pools for our own personal usage, but you can’t avoid the fact that sometimes kids will be kids and that can be a problem when we are liable. Some kids or other person for that matter may not know their limits and think it is OK to jump into a neighbor’s pool. The funny thing about our judicial system is that if one of those people gets hurt you could be held liable for their injuries. Owning a pool alarm system could save you from serious legal implications in the future and protect your property from unwanted visitors.


Homeowners insurance is a must have for every homeowner, though we can’t avoid having it, we can control what we are paying for insurance. Insurance companies look into every aspect of your home to determine safety or other reasons that claims may be filed. Putting up a fence to protect your pool is going to help lower some of the cost because it makes it more difficult for a small child to get in, but a fence isn’t always 100% guarantee. By adding a pool alarm, you are making owning a pool more safe and cutting down additional insurance costs.

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